Atlantic 252

"I listen to Longwave Radio Atlantic give me my money, cha-ching!!"

Atlantic 252 ‘The Longwave Giant’ was a radio station licensed by the Irish Goverment and broadcast on 252 Longwave across the UK and Ireland.  
The station came on air in September 1989 and ceased broadcasting in January 2002.  I spent two years working at the station as a presenter (Dan Francisco/The Cisco Kid) and audio producer from September 1995 to November 1997.
Below are some pictures and audio memories of what was an exciting time to be involved in the pop music playing quasi-national radio station!
There are plenty of airchecks online to listen to, but what did the station actually sound like on an average day?
Have a listen to a couple of hours from October 1997, Hollywood Haze and Beverley Hills presenting ‘Hold the Black Pudding’ at breakfast time (with special guest Natalie Imbruglia) plus a bit of Nails Mahoney on mid-mornings…

A couple of car stickers and a calling card (!) used as promotional items

Promo stickers including a sheet for 'Hold the Black Pudding' breakfast show fronted by Beverly Hills and Hollywood Haze

Rajar figures for my Sunday morning into Sunday afternoon slot. Sadly it all went downhill from here!

The Story So Far fact sheet...

Analysis findings following strategic research from 1996...

Presenters plan for 1996 pages one and two...

Presenters plan for 1996 pages three and four...

Production basics 1995...

On Location music bed, played thousands of times during it's run at 1120, 1520 and 1920 each day.

Listener promos from November 1995, voiceover by the late Henry Owens.

Various production from 1995 featuring voiceover Jim Merkel.

Parody of OMC song 'How Bizzare' to promote the breakfast show in 1996. Featuring a guest tuun by legendary radio station cleaner Rosie O'Reilly!

Promo for the ‘925 Magnificent Seven’ competition early 1996, voiceover by the late Henry Owens.

Top 7 at 7 countdown bed with introductory voiceover by classical actor Paul Bacon. Using his voice against all the other stations using American voiceovers was viewed as a strange decision at the time, but certainly made the station stand out.

Animated Atlantic 252 logo. Wish we'd had the technology to make this back in 1996!